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WELL DONE to all who took part in LKS2 Sports Day! You were all fantastic and made us proud.


The children participated in a circuit of field events developing fundamental skills: 

  • Launcher (Howler throw)
  • Jumper (standing long jump)
  • Bouncer (speed bounce)
  • Pitcher (target throw)
  • Skipper (skipping)
  • Striker (football shot)


Afterwards, the children all competed in track events:

  • Relay
  • Sprint
  • Hurdles


To conclude, ALL of the children took part in the 400m.


During all of these events, the children scored points for their team.  The results were:


1ST -      BLUE             365 POINTS

2ND-      YELLOW        355 POINTS

3RD-      RED                319  POINTS

4TH       GREEN           307 POINTS