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Do All Trees Lose Their Leaves?


In Geography this term we will be learning about the United Kingdom. We will be studying maps to identify the four countries that make up the UK as well as the seas that surround it. We will be learning how to use a 'Key' and why these are important when map reading. After identifying the countries we will take some time to learn a little about each one individually commenting on landmarks, cities, celebration and food associated with parts of each country. Towards the end of the topic we will start to draw some comparisons. 


In Science we will be studying the four seasons. We will look at the weather, clothes we might wear, activities we might take part in and also how trees change, learning the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. This term we will be setting up an investigation into how temperature changes throughout the day. We will learn to predict, create a results table, take readings from a thermometer and then draw a conclusion as a class at then end. 


Our Art this term we will be studying the work of two artists, Samuel Palmer and John Piper, both known for their work on the English landscape. We will look at their work and take inspiration from it to create some of our own paintings, drawing and sculptures of landscapes/landmarks from around the UK.