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Our first topic is called...Why does the Earth move?

We will continue the History topic for the first part of the half term. The children will learn about Stonehenge. We will examine the changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will also learn about Iron Age hillforts.

In Geography we will be learning about the structure of the Earth and we will learn about the movement of tectonic plates. Our class will then discover how to measure the size of earthquakes and will find out what it is like to live in an earthquake zone.

In Science our topic is forces and magnets. We will learn about what a force is and will complete an investigation to compare how things move on different surfaces using friction. We will then investigate which materials are magnetic and measure the strength of different magnets. The children will also observe how the poles of a magnet attract and repel each other. 

In DT the children will be learning to make a Christmas stocking.

In Computing we will be using the Purple Mash program to learn how to use spreadsheets and create graphs and charts.

In PSHE we will learn about relationships and how to build a positive friendship. We will also do some work on anti-bullying week. 

In SMSC we will be completing an enterprise project linked to a Christmas product that we will create.

In French we will learn to read, write, recognise and speak French. We will learn phrases to describe the weather, days of the week and modes of transport in French.