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Our first topic is called...Where did the hunter gatherers go?

In History we will be learning about key events from the Stone Age to the Iron Age period. We will learn about Stone Age daily life including Stone Age food and tools. We will discover more about the history of Skara Brae and Stonehenge. We will examine the changes that happened throughout this period of time. 



In Science our topic is sound. We will learn about how sounds are made and how sounds travel. We will investigate how to make the best string telephone. Finally we will investigate volume and pitch.


In Art we will learn to draw animals in cave art style. We will study the work of the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy and design and build a sculpture using natural materials.


In Computing we will be using the Purple Mash program to learn how to code.


In PSHE we will learn about what makes a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.


In SMSC we will look at 20th century music and musicians.


In French we will learn to read, write, recognise and speak French greetings and numbers and we will concentrate on the French accent.