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Thursday - the rain continues...


We woke to bright skies and felt so cheery. After breakfast, we left for Carisbrooke Castle and had a great time climbing high rampart walls, dressing up in costumes, appreciating the views and having an outdoor picnic! Yippee! 

The children all enjoyed playing out with their friends and amused themselves really well. 


After lunch, we went back to Shanklin to play mini golf. It was great but after about 30 mins it started raining - again. However, everyone carried on and there were some delighted children, who had never played before. 

We walked along the sea-front and up Shanklin Chine - this is a very steep hill! At the top there is an amazing sweet shop so there were treats all round - including the staff (they seriously deserve them too!)


Tea - burgers and chips - then a final trip to the beach, where nearly everyone went in the sea again. Did I mention the rain? It rained from 3pm solidly, we got wet! Very wet!