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This morning we gave the children even more of a lie-in until 730am and still had to wake nearly everyone.


After breakfast we set off for Osborne House and the children were wowed by the size of the house and they loved the Swiss Cottage and museum of the artefacts collected by the Royal Family. They had some great questions for the staff.


Next we walked down the trail to the private beach and they skimmed stones, collected cuttlefish and even saw a jellyfish. There was a Royal Navy ship in the Solent and the children were very impressed to be so close to that.


The picnic lunch was at Robin Hill Country Park. We had pre-arranged to meet up with Mr Wilson who taught many of the children when they were Y2. He was there with his new school and those who remembered were delighted to see him again. Then they played, swung, climbed, slid on the toboggan and hill slides and rode on the tractor. Some visited the 4-d experience, the pirate ship, the maze and the adventure area.


After tea of pizza or hotdogs there was a final beach trip. It was a much rougher sea and so most of the time was on the sand, with a few braving the waves rolling up the beach by sitting at the edge of the sand. Now, everyone is showered and ready for our journey home. They can't wait to tell you all their news tomorrow!


One last thing! We are really proud of all of the children and have been complemented 7 times this week on their great manners and behaviour. What a credit to everyone!


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