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Stand Up Derbyshire Day - 28th September 2018

SUD Mascot Warm Up

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The children loved the SUD18 Mascot Warm Up! Congratulations to everyone as the WHOLE school completed a Daily Mile! Every class had a Maths of the Day lesson and P.E. lessons also took place throughout the day! The Y5/6 worked together to perform sporting poses and make sport maquettes. The Skip2Bit workshops were very popular. It's fair to say that everyone was at least 50% active throughout the day!!


Personal Challenges were well delivered by the Mini-Leaders at playtimes.

Winners were:

KS2 Plank Challenge:  Poppy  4 minutes and 39 seconds

KS2 Star Jump Challenge:  River-Daisy  48 in 30 seconds

KS1 Star Jump Challenge: Martha  46 in 30 seconds

KS1 V-sit Challenge: Libby 3 minutes and 40 secondsImage result for congratulations sticker