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Spring 2018 Faith Week

Spring 2018


As part of Faith Week in school the children in Nursery learnt about weddings.

We talked about what a wedding was, looked at photos and videos of weddings, explored objects from a variety of weddings, discussed the roles people take at a wedding, looked at the clothes we wear, designed and made a wedding cake, and acted out weddings.

Picture 1 Everybody is ready for the wedding to start
Picture 2 What a fantastic wedding cake
Picture 3 We enjoyed dressing up
Picture 4 We made a guest book and wrote our names
Picture 5 Working together to make a wedding cake
Picture 6 Looking at photos of Mrs Harper's wedding
Picture 7 We looked at a real wedding dress and bouquet
Picture 8 Sharing the wedding food with our friends
Picture 9 We talked about how to attach the veil to our hair
Picture 10 Looking at wedding photos from 1955
Picture 11 The head dress was very fragile
Picture 12 Making our wedding cake