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  • Spellings are set once a week (set and tested on Friday).
  • The children are to Look, Cover, Write, Check each word 3 times and then chose 5 of the 10 spellings to write into a sentence.
  • The children are told their spelling scores sometime in the week after their spelling test.
  • Spelling homework is handed in every Friday morning. It is the children's responsibility to hand it in when they come into school. The children receive 5 wellians for spelling homework being handed in and completed fully.
  • Some children from our class are chosen as star spellers and often show Mrs Duncan their spelling homework if they have tried really hard within their sentences.
  • The children are given the opportunity to complete the spelling homework over the weekend and hand it in Monday if it is not completed by Friday. However, they will not receive the 5 wellians.
  • If the spelling homework is not handed in by Monday the children must stay in Monday breaktime and are fined 5 wellians.