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Reading is very important and the children are encouraged to practise reading at home and school as much as possible. The children are listened to read during guided reading twice a week and during reading time in the afternoons by Miss White or Mrs Geeson.


Accelerated Reading

The children take part in the accelerated reading programme. The children have an accelerated reading book which they keep at school and an Oxford reading tree book which they take home. If the child is a free reader they only have one accelerated reading book. The children read their accelerated reading books in the morning and Oxford reading tree books in the afternoon. The children are encouraged to read their books thoroughly, complete a mind map on their book and then complete a test on it on the computers or ipads. The children can test on their accelerated reader and Oxford reading tree books. 60% is the pass rate on accelerated reader, however the children are encouraged to get at least above 70%. The children are expected to record their results in their reading diaries. They also put a leaf on the tree in the classroom if they have passed and their name in the 100% pot if they achieved 100%. Each term some of the children's names are drawn out of the 100% pot and rewarded with sweets.



  • Each week the children are expected to read 10 pages at a weekend.
  • Their reading diaries are checked on Monday mornings and the children are given 5 wellians if they have read.
  • The children have an opportunity to complete their reading homework Monday evening and hand it in Tuesday. However, they will not receive any wellians.
  • If the children do not hand in their reading homework by Tuesday they stay in at break time to read and are fined 5 wellians.