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  • The children are set homework each week on Friday and are expected to hand it in the following Thursday.
  • The children receive 5 wellians for handing in their homework on Thursday.
  • If the children hand in their homework Friday they do not receive any wellians.
  • If the children have not handed in their homework on Friday they are expected to stay in at break time and are fined 5 wellians.
  • The children are given one to two sides of A4 which revises the learning we have covered in mathematics lessons that week.
  • If the children tell Miss White that they are struggling with their mathematics homework, I will help them with their homework at the end of the mathematics lesson.
  • If your child has been absent and hasn't received the mathematics homework they need to ask for it as soon as they return back to school.


Mrs Plaister sets the Y3 maths homework.

Miss White sets the Y4 maths homework.