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February 2018 'The tiger who came to tea'

 'The tiger who came to tea' by Judith Kerr is one of our favourite books. We like to read it to each other and we can remember lots of words from the story.

This week we 

  • made sandwiches to eat in the woods,
  • painted tigers and their stripes,
  • sorted orange and black objects into different groups
  • acted out the story using small world toys
  • made a collage with different shades of orange and black
  • measured tiger feet using Duplo
Picture 1 Drawing fur around the tigers face
Picture 2 Measuring the tigers feet
Picture 3 Painting a tiger
Picture 4
Picture 5 Eating sandwiches in the woods
Picture 6 Painting stripes
Picture 7 Finding all the orange shapes
Picture 8
Picture 9 Drawing straight lines
Picture 10 Sorting by colour and shape
Picture 11 Putting on a show about The tiger that came to tea