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Y6 Keyworker children maths butterflies

Home Learning photos - Anna and Eva have their own book with information about Jane Goodall. Happy Reading girls! Anna and Eva for starting it off - the brownie's look great! Well done!

Erin has also been inspired by Jane Goodalll and has made a fantastic leaflet showing good English skills and new science knowedge. She has been doing all sorts of learning in lockdown. Love the DIY and the Mascot Competition Erin - that is the first I've seen!

Gracie has been learning about fossils - well done Gracie for combining science and computing!

Clara has started our Summer Term 2 work nicely! I loved reading the German - it takes me back to my A Level! Well done Clara.

Archie has continued to be well motivated with his home learning and is working really hard! Well done Archie! There's some new science and history and spelling test scores. His learning includes outdoor learning and more baking. Archie has been enjoying science - look at that mould - he should be proud of that and the written work is super! Also, those World War Two Honey Cookies look good - I wonder what they tasted like?

This week Leon has loved the 3-d shape maths and has been very busy! Previously, Leon has been enjoying the sunshine! Well done for getting a learning award too!

Most recently Archie has been learning on the job at his dad's work - true life skills!! He has been busy combining work and sport! I love the look of that pool!!

Lola has been very busy: produced a lovely leaflet, baked buns that look fab and I'm glad you include your sister!

Lola's poetry

Beatrice has enjoyed being creative, using her Art and DT skills!

Poppy has been learning all about growing - you really must have green fingers Poppy! All the activities look like she has been very busy. I love the poem!

James has written some brilliant limericks this morning, he wrote the story last week and has really enjoyed the 3-d shapes with the Y6 maths

And me...


I've been at work - quite a lot!  Finlay, Lani and now Ella can confirm this!


But in the meantime I've been walking one day and running the next trying to keep active and sending my activity to Get Set Tokyo.


And I have a new favourite where I am learning Spanish - it's brill!  Get on there and have a go at whatever language you fancy. But be is addictive!


I had a lovely VE Day/Lockdown birthday in the sunshine with my family and our street had a tea party - socially distanced of course!