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Wonderful Wednesday

Today dawned bright as we woke everyone apart from 3 children.

After a hearty breakfast the morning was spent at Alum Bay. The children loved the sweet-making demonstration - lemon sours today - nothing better than a warm syrup boiled sweet! After buying more in the shop we went to the Glass making demonstration where today they were making an orange/silver vase. Everyone watched with fascination as they created the most beautiful ornament.

We sat in the sunshine by the Needles, which we could see well today, and had our picnic lunch.


Wonderful Wednesday

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After lunch we drove to Amazon World. It was really hot inside the tropical areas but the children saw many types of creatures. However, they preferred the outside area, sitting with Wallabies, watching the penguins eating their fish and being entertained by meerkats.

A highlight was the walk-through the Lemur enclosure where the mother had a brand new, 2 day old baby. It was amazing and the children were so quiet and respectful that the lemurs came right up to see them.


Another key feature of today was slime - brightly coloured sticky pots in all the gift shops - lovely!!


Back to the hotel for Pasta Bolognaise or chicken nuggets. Then onto the beach for more screaming in the sea and football on the beach. Tonight we saw a cruise boat as well.


Let's hope for another great day tomorrow...although the forecast doesn't seem as good.