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Wet Wednesday!


The title says it all - it rained, rained and rained some more.

So, this morning I had to wake nearly all the children up; we woke to fog. Mrs Boldero-Gray only had 5 for her early morning walk.

After bacon cobs we set off in pouring rain to Alum Bay. We visited the sweet factory and today they made lemon sweets. The children found it fascinating and as a bonus it was indoors. Then we saw the hand-made glass and the children watched with interest.

We had to picnic indoors - too wet to sit outdoors. We went to see the Needles - amazingly it was clear enough to see them.

Next, we drove to Amazon World - the first part was indoors but then back out into the rain. The children were fantastic considering the conditions; we visited the wallabies, the meerkats but all the animals seemed to be sheltering from us!


Chicken nuggets and chips were a very popular meal - not much left! We chose to go for a cliff walk towards Sandown and it finally stopped raining. So we had a great 2 hours outside to burn some energy.