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Our topic this term is called...WISH YOU WERE HERE!

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In Science we will be learning about plants. We will do an experiment over the half term looking at 3 plants exposed to different conditions. The children will learn about the parts of a plant, the things that plants need to grow and how water is transported within plants. The children will end the half term looking at pollination and the life cycle of a plant.


In topic we will be focusing on geography this term and will be comparing the UK to Italy. The children will locate different cities and aspects of physical geography in Europe. Over the seven weeks the children will compare the climate, physical and human geography of the UK and Italy. The children will study the geography in their local area through fieldwork by visiting the rookery. To end the term the children will use what they have learnt to create a holiday brochure on Italy.


This term we will focus on art and drawing and sketching. The children will practise drawing and sketching using different grades of pencil and charcoal. The children will look at the different marks a pencil can make. 


In computing we are going to focus on data handling and continue to look at e-safety. The children will use excel to collect data comparing the weather in the UK and Italy. They will use this data to create graphs and further compare the two countries.  The children will understand how data is used and collected in the world and the need for personal data to be kept accurate and private.


In Music we are going to continue to follow the charanga music scheme and look at the song three little birds.



In SMSC we will look at the wonders of the world.


In PSHE we are going to look at money focusing on how we earn money and the difference between wants and needs.