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Spring term 2

Our topic this half term is 'Turrets and Towers'

The main focus of our topic this half term will be History. We will be doing a study into the History of Bolsover Castle. We will find out about who built the castle, why they chose to build it in Bolsover and what it has been used for throughout history. 





We have a trip to Bolsover Castle planned for Tuesday 12th March. The children will be ale to see first hand some of the things that we have been learning about


In art we will be learning how to draw and shade some features of castles including gargoyles.


We will be continuing to look at the changing weather during the 4 Seasons. Our investigations will be to find out how the weather has changed from the beginning of the Sring term to the end of the Spring term. We will also be finding out which season would make an ice cube melt fastest.