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In science this term we will be observing and describing the changes that happen across the four seasons. We will describe the weather associated with these changes and look at how the day length varies from season to season.

We will also conduct an investigation into which season we think would melt the ice cube the fastest?



Our History this term will be a local study of Bolsover Castle. We will be going on a visit to Bolsover Castle on Tuesday 12th March.

Our study will follow on from this visit as we will look at what daily life would have been like for the Cavendish family in the 1600s. We will discover how they would have entertained and attracted visitors to their impressive 'Little Castle'


In Art we will be using our drawing skills to develop ideas and show imagination. We will complete observational drawings and use shading to give depth to drawings.

We will use Bolsover Castle and its grounds as inspiration.



In Music this term  our topic theme is 'Round and Round'. We will be listening to and appraising a range of songs. We will also learn the importance of warming up your voice before singing. 



ICT this term will focus on Music and Sound. Children will listen, play with and record sound. They will use microphones and pre-recorded sounds, adding these to images or picture they have created.