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Maths and English

In Maths Y5 will be continuing to develop their understand of fractions, decimals and an introduction to percentages. They will be taught to see the relationship between these.

Y6 will learn about converting measures, then move onto area and perimeter of shapes, including compound shapes. They will then revise shapes 2-d and 3-d and their properties.

Booster classes will continue on Thursdays 315-415pm with Sat questions linked to a theme.


Times Tables Olympics continue in school and will be completed weekly. It is vital the children continue to learn their tables. Don't forget that there are games that they can play at home using Education City and Times Table Rock Stars. The children have individual log-ins.


In English, we will teach a narrative unit linked to stories from other cultures. This incorporates topic learning & understanding as well as the focus on writing skills for Y6, including complex sentences, use of speech to move a story on and better punctuation such as commas for clarity and using semi-colons. Writing will continue to link to topic work, including PSHE and Geography.


 Grammar is taught as an integral part of English sessions. Spellings are practised during the week and are tested on Friday.