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We woke the children early for a 730am breakfast. Most hadn't seen 730am since Monday.

After leaving the hotel we arrived on time at the ferry port for the 930am sailing but the boat was full...there wasn't enough space for us, so we had to wait until 10am. Very frustrating.

Once on the ferry it was a lovely crossing and many treated themselves to a Costa!


Next we arrived at the Aquarium in Southsea and spent a very enjoyable hour looking at stingrays, sharks, seahorses and crabs and many other species. We enjoyed our picnic lunch on Southsea common with a last view of the sea and the Isle of Wight. We could sea the Hovercraft coming backwards and forwards from the island.


At 1245 we got everyone to the toilet and back onboard to set off at 1pm.

Unfortunately the driver had been told that the M40 was closed due to an accident so it was decided that the best alternative was A3, M25, M1. We did well for the first hour but then the Friday rush started and we inched our way home.

Spirits were high however, as everyone was ready to see family, staff included and so we managed to keep the children going. They had a snack from McDonalds during one service stop and Pete the driver did his best to get us all home as quickly and safely as he could.


It was a great trip and I hope the children have been full of their own stories as they've come home!!

Mrs Tomlinson.